Sands Cox Charity

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Officers and Subscriptions

Professor Deborah White           President 2015/17
Professor Bob Grieve                 Vice-President 2015/17
Professor Martin Kendall            Acting Chairperson
Dr Keith Harding                         General Editor, Aesculapius
Dr John Jackson                         Honorary Treasurer
Dr Helen Benghiat
Professor Lynn Jones                
Mrs Michelle Morgan
Dr David Spooner                                          
Professor Rob Stockley
Dr Alice Turner            
Professor Damien Walmsley
Mrs Sharon Charles                    Executive Secretary

Subscriptions are currently £30 per year, preferably paid by Direct Debit.   Overseas members can pre-pay up to 5 years at current rates to minimise exchange costs and protect against price increases.


The Society for Birmingham University Medical and Dental Graduates
Registered Charity No. 512347